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XXVI International Congress of the FILLM

26th FILLM Congress, Day 2 (Wednesday 18 June 2014)
Photos by Adam Borch

The second day of the congress opened with a plenary lecture by Professor Tope Omoniyi (University of Roehampton, United Kingdom) entitled "African Languages and Literatures under the Chang(e) Dynasty".

Participants were also treated to two panel sessions on "Communicational Ethics: Landguage, Literature, Translation", a session on "Education and Internationalisation" and one on "Cross-cultural Dialogue and the Future of Chinese Humanities".

To see some more photos from Day 2 go here.

FILLM Congress Lunch ©Adam Borch
Tom Clark (University of Victoria, Australia) at the lunch buffet

FILLM Congress ©Adam Borch
Wang Songlin (University of Ningbo) talks about Thomas Carlyle's
knowledge of Chinese literature and culture.

FILLM Congress ©Adam Borch
From left to right:
Leena Eilittä (University of Helsinki, Finland), Hein Willemse (University of Pretoria, South Africa),
Geoff Hall (UNNC) and Roger D. Sell (Ĺbo Akademi University, Finland).

FILLM Congress ©Adam Borch
Liu Yong, or Ge Fei, (Tsinghua University) giving his presentation on
"The Golden Lotus and the Establishment of the Concept of '
Truth and Vanity' during the 16th Century."
Su Ping (University of Hong Kong), to his right, was responsible for the interpretation.

FILLM Congress ©Adam Borch
An unmanned reception: A very rare sight indeed!

Updated: 5 July 2014

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