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International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures
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New Year Thoughts from the FILLM President

This message was initially sent to the members of the FILLM Committee and other colleagues who have been closely involved with FILLM activities recently. It is published here because it's relevant for anyone interested in the recent developments of the federation.

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, please let me wish everybody who is involved in FILLM activities a very happy new year! And thank you to all those of you who have sent me kind seasonal wishes. The year 2013 has been a good year for FILLM, I think, and there is much to look forward to in 2014.

One of the best pieces of news has been that our recruitment drive has started to bear fruit. It is an enormous enrichment to our organization that the International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa and the International Association for Dialogue Analysis have joined our
ranks. They are most warmly welcome, and we can look forward to some lively  interdisciplinary collaboration.

Thank you to those of you who have been instrumental in this. And let's all redouble our efforts to bring new international associations into the fold. Please don't forget that according to our constitution an association is international as soon as it has members from more than
five different countries. Also, it is now possible for us to accept as member associations several different types of scholarly organization:
  • associations dedicated to the furtherance of the language and/or literature of one particular nation or grouping;
  • associations dedicated to the furtherance of studies in a subject or subjects pertaining to a number of languages and/or literatures;
  • associations dedicated to the furtherance of studies in modern and medieval languages and/or literatures in general;
  • associations dedicated to the study of particular literary writers and groups of literary writers.
So do please put on your thinking-caps! With some of our member associations in economic difficulties and sadly having to leave us, it is absolutely essential that we welcome new associations into our federation, and as soon as possible!

Another excellent piece of news is that there has been a lot of interest in *FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures*. Nearly twenty books have so far been considered for possible publication, and the publishers have already issued contracts for a number of truly excellent proposals. The first books in the series are likely to come out before the end of 2014.

Again, hearty thanks and congratulations to those of you who have helped to bring about this success. And please let's keep up the momentum. Let's all try to make sure that there's a steady flow of proposals -- proposals either on behalf of your associations, or from you yourselves or your colleagues as individual scholars who are working on something that might be appropriate for the series. As you'll remember, the two main aims of the series are to publish ground-breaking scholarship on languages and literatures from all over the world, and to do so in a readable manner which will appeal to a very wide audience. For more
details, please see our website.

One other point about *FILLM Studies*. Every member association of FILLM has the right to nominate an Editorial Adviser to the Board of the series. Editorial Advisers can help to channel typescripts being produced by colleagues in their own assocciations, and they also
contribute to the editorial processes more generally. At present, ALFAL, IAUPE, AULLA, IASS and ISOLA have all nominated their Advisers. Could the officers of all our other member associations please get in touch with me about this as soon as possible. When the books start to come out, the Editorial Advisers of all our member associations will have to be listed on the verso facing the title-page.

The next big thing to look forward to is of course the Ningbo Congress in June. The official deadline for submitting abstracts has now passed, but in fact it is still not too late. Please do come yourselves if you possibly can. And do please continue to spread the word to colleagues. Full details are to be found on our website. And as you will see, our Ningbo colleagues have planned a fascinating and important programme. On top of which, I would mention that the FILLM Committee Meeting in Ningbo seems likely to take up some questions of vital importance to the future of our Federation.

Let me close with one such question. As you will remember, our 2017 Congress is going to take place in Delhi, India. But in order for us to maintain our momentum and sense of direction, during the Ningbo Committee Meeting in 2014 we need to decide on the venue of the 2020 Congress. As soon as possible, please notify the Secretary General, the Treasurer and myself of any proposals you may wish to make on this matter.

Thank you all once again for your contributions to our significant progress. And once again: A Happy New Year!

All the best,

Roger D. Sell
President of FILLM 2011-2014.

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