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Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures (FILLM) The FILLM Newsletter
Volume 12 | September 2017

Next Volume

The next volume of The FILLM Newsletter will come out on 15 December 2017. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter or have some information for us to include, please send a message to aborch@abo.fi (Deadline: 1 December 2017).


Although this is a slightly thin volume of the newsletter, it should not be taken as a sign that FILLM and its committee has allowed the summer-holiday spirit of the northern hemisphere to slow down the federation's work. On the contrary.

As mentioned in the previous volume, several events and projects (incl. the federation's digital archive) are being planned. Work is proceeding on those behind the curtains and we hope to be able to bring you more information on them soon. But for now you must remain content with a shameless plug for our book series.

Below, however, you can find more substantial news from our member associations, including information on some interesting upcoming conferences.

FILLM Book Series
FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures
We'd like to recommend that you check out the volumes published in the FILLM Book Series, FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures (John Benjamins). Three volumes have been published so far in 2017: 
You can check out the rest of our back-catalogue here...

Below you'll notice that the Series Editor, Roger D. Sell, is very interested in receiving typescripts which fit the overall aims of the series. He is especially keen to get more proposals with linguistic, philological and pedagogical topics.

Note also that members of FILLM's Member Associations are entitled to a 30% discount on volumes in the FILLM Book Series.

News from CIPSH and our Member Associations

The International Association for Dialogue AnalysisThe next conference of The International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA) will held at the University of Bologna, Italy from 11-14 October 2017. The theme of the conference  is "Dialogue, Interaction and Culture: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Language Use in Everyday Life." For more information...

The Global Rhetoric Society is co-sponsoring a conference under the theme "Communication on Three Rural Issues" in October 2017. For more information on the event.

is also organizing a conference on the theme 
"New Scenery of Global Rhetorics: Classical and Modern, Amalgamation and Development" at the Huaqiao University, China from 15-17 December 2017.

The next conference of The International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa
will take place from 10-12 July 2018 at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. For more information...

The Modern Language AssociationThe 2018 Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association (MLA) will takes place in New York City, US between 4-7 January 2018For more information ...
The International Association for University Professors of English
The next conference of the International Assocation for University Professors of English (IAUPE) will be held at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland from 22-26 July 2019. For more information on the conference...

ACLALSThe next triennial conference of the Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (ACLALS) will be held in Auckland, New Zealand in 2019. More details to follow later.

The International Comparative Literature Association (AILC) will organize its next conference in Shenzhen, China in 2019. More details will be announced later.

Call for Papers
FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures
FILLM is looking for contributions to its book series FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures. While FILLM is looking for contributions within all areas of language and literature studies, we're particularly keen to receive proposals focusing on linguistic, philological and pedagogical topics.The series is published in collaboration with John Benjamins Publishing Company and former FILLM President Roger D. Sell is the Series Editor. For more on the aims of the series and how to submit a book proposal...

14th conference of the European Society for the Study of English. The deadline for submitting proposals for parallel lectures, seminars and round tables have now passed. But it is possible to submit individual papers for seminars and the doctoral symposium, as well as individual proposals for round tables and posters until 31 January 2018. More information here...
The International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa are looking for paper proposals for their conference on "Oral Literatures and Festivals in Africa and the African Diaspora: Traditions and Globalization".  The conference will take place from 10-12 July 2018 in Ibadan, Nigeria. For more information...


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